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Friday, August 22, 2014

Wingless | Teaser Two

Today I have an awesome teaser from Wingless for you! It's official--Wingless is now out of my hands, at least until I get it back from my editor. Which means more teasers for you! And guess what? Soon enough Wingless will have some pre-order links for you all to check out. Next Friday I will post some character bios so you get to know the main people in the story. But today I have a teaser from Annie, the main character in Part One....


I think I was seven when I really knew what I wanted to become. I mean, I knew all along that I wanted to fight and kick wings, but it finally clicked in my head that day. I was with my best friend, Perry. She’s downstairs waiting on me, surely wearing a similar outfit. Except we’re polar opposites, so her expression is probably genuine when she smiles. She loves this kind of stuff. She’s the kind of daughter a Guardian wishes she had—a girly-girl to the core, attention loving, and proper speaking, acting and dressing.
Perry loved playing with other kids at school and at home. She’d invite the girls to have sleepovers and gossip and watch earth movies. I dreaded it. I sat there with the girls wishing I was outside in the Viel air, running and leaping, pretending to fly like our Guardians do. 
I hated being confined to these identical houses that have barely anything in them—still do. It completely freaks me out having to live in a box and not have wings. I can’t fly down the street, or go to the library without my Guardians help. It’s just hard to be stuck when I know there’s so much more out there untouched—undiscovered by me.

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