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Friday, August 15, 2014

New Book Lineup

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I was able to blog on a Friday. But guess what? I'm back at it and I have some really awesome news. I've gotten some questions about my future books and when releases are so I wanted to get a timeline out.

Since I took all that time out, things are a bit behind schedule but I worked with my editor and we've figured out a tentative timeline of my next few novels.

First, I have some really awesome news! Amazon is now allowing KDP authors publish their books with preordering. So, I'l be able to get you links faster and promote the book more. Which means more teasers for you guys and when you preorder for kindle, the book will just show up on the release day! I'm very excited about this feature.

Here's my new book releases for the year...

Wingless will be coming out first. It goes to the editor in a week and then I'll try for a release date of September 19th. Yes, just about one month away. I will try to get a preorder up after I release the cover next week.

The Broken Curse (A Curse Books 3) is next. I'm looking at a release of November 3rd. I gave myself more time because I'm going to want to perfect this novel. I can't wait and soon I'll release the cover.

For The Love of Ash will be my second NA standalone written. I'm looking at a release date of around December 15th. Hopefully it will be sooner, but we'll see. This novel follows Luke and Maggie and it's a cute story, perfect for the holidays. 

Sam's novella! You heard me right! You asked for a novel after A Reliant Love and I'm giving it to you. The novel will revolve solely around Sam and his life after the book. This novel will come about around mid-Janurary. If you've purchased a copy of A Reliant Love, this book will be completely FREE with a receipt or screenshot of purchase. 

If you have a receipt now, feel free to email it to me with the subject line: Sam's novella. I'll put you on a  list and once I have the book, I will email you a copy right away.

Boundless, the sequel to Wingless, is next in line. I want it to be released right around Sam's novella, so I'm hoping for end of January or beginning of February. 

After these books are published, I'll release another lineup, but here's a sneak peak for all of you eager people. This is not the order they will be published and most likely will be published intertwining the three series.

Fallout Series. A new adult series having approximately four books.

The Risk Project. A new adult series having approximately three books.

Untitled-Red WIP. A new adult dystopian fantasy novel having approximately two books. 

Untitled-Yellow WIP. A new adult standalone. 

Next week, I'm releasing the Wingless COVER!

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