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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 42

Welcome to Wednesday everyone! How's your week going? I'm excited to prompt with you all today! If you haven't seen my previous post this week, check it out. I'm hosting a title contest for the last in my Curse Books series. If you want to enter, it's easy. Just read the post. Now, onto the prompt.

Prompt Forty-Two- 3 Word Challenge
Create a story and incorporate the three words: hurricane, flashlight, and lawn mower. Extra credit: also incorporate words, grass, whip, and shingle. I think we all know where this prompt is going, but it'll be action-packed and fun!

My response...

"Get in the basement!" my father screamed, but his voice was a mere whisper against the sound of glass shattering and walls collapsing. The news had been talking about a massive hurricane coming in, but all the parents said it was no big deal. They were wrong.

My mother grabbed my hand, hers much larger as it circled around me. I  remember feeling her warmth soothe me and swim through my veins. I looked behind me and saw my blanket lying on my bed down the hall. I couldn't just leave it there. So I ran. 

My mother yelled from behind me, but my short legs are much younger so I sprinted to make sure she wouldn't catch me. My room isn't far and immediately I grabbed my precious blanket despite the fact that I may die. I figured if I die, I'd rather have blanky beside me than alone in my room.

"Melinda, what is wrong with you?" my mother chided, grabbing my forearm with a lot of pressure. I could see the worry painted on her face, and I felt bad for putting it there. She didn't understand why I needed blanky.

We made it into the basement, fast since mom was pulling me so hard. Liam and Carter were sitting in the corner of the room. Liam's the youngest of us kids and he's showing his age by crying like a baby. He's not a baby at all. Carter's holding onto Liam's hand and stroking his grown out blond hair. He's the biggest.

"Melinda, go sit next to your brothers," mother said, glaring at me. I knew she was still made about the whole go-back-and-get-blanky-thing. I moved over and sat on the other side of Carter, not touching him because he hated being the older brother and I knew he'd get mad. "Carter, watch the kids, I'm getting daddy."

"Mom, let me go!" Carter yelled, as my mom opened the basement door. 

"Carter, please, don't push me. You're twelve," mother said before shutting the door and leaving us alone. Carter sighed and said a swear at mom for leaving him with "the babies." I hated it when he called me that.

"I'm not a baby, you know. I went and got my blanky when mom said not to," I told him, holding my chin up like the big kids did when they make a point.

"Just the fact that you have a blanky, shows how big of a baby you are," Carter said. He stood up and started to walk towards the basement door. "I'm going to get dad, watch Liam." 

"I'm coming!" I told him, standing up and running to the door. I beat him and stood in front of it, blocking the way so he had to go through me. 

"Quit it, Mel. Let me through," Carter said.

"Please," I begged.

"No," he answered and shoved my left shoulder. He effectively moved me to the side, pushed past me and then shut the door right in my face. I punched the door, angry at him for leaving me with Liam, who was now sobbing.

I was about to open the door when the lights shut off, blinking quickly. Liam screamed, a high-pitched death scream, and I rushed to his side to console him. He may have been a baby, but he's my baby brother. "Hold on, buddy," I said as I crawled around the floor, looking for a flashlight. I knew daddy kept them down there so I just had to find it. Here.

I turned the flashlight on and shined it on Liam's face so I could see him better. He shoved it away and I shined it up, so it was like a lantern. I grabbed Liam and pulled him onto my lap, so he was more comfortable. The pavement ground isn't that forgiving. 

I shined the flashlight out the low level basement window, just inline with the grass outside but I couldn't see much. The wind whipped through our fields but it was weird, almost like the storm was over. Just then something flew right towards my face. I grabbed Liam around his stomach and moved us against the wall, in between the two windows.

My heart picked up and I could barely breath I was so scared. Liam was shaking in my arms and clutching me like I was the last person alive. I stroked his hair like I saw Carter do when the lawnmower shot through the window and landed just inches from my left leg. I screamed but held my position like daddy taught me.

I could hear the shingles being ripped from the roof two stories above me. I could hear someone screaming from not too far away. I idly wondered if it was my mom or dad or even Carter. It got quiet again, but I couldn't move. I couldn't hardly breath. I held Liam against my body, so I knew I wouldn't lose him. We'd sit here and wait until someone came back. 

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Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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