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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Title Contest | Final Four

With over 25 submissions over the past week, it's taken me a lot to pick just FOUR. But the four I picked are incredibly awesome. I'm only going to put initials next to the person's name since we'll open the voting on Monday. Don't want anyone to know who's who. 

1. The Curse of my Dreams -AM 
2. The Curse of the Gods -RES
3. The Curse of Choice -LN
4. The Lover's Curse -CC

BONUS: My editor, Danielle, emailed me last night with a title idea that I really like so I'm going to add it!

BONUS The Curse Broken

So here's how the contest is going to end... Monday, July 21 I will post a survey with the five titles. I'm picking one of the four for my contest so they can win the prize, but if you like the bonus, vote for it. Voting will be open until Friday so make sure to vote early so you don't forget. Stay tuned!

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