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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 41

Welcome back to Wednesday! It certainly feels like hump day. I'm down to just 4.5 weeks until my wedding and I'm really feeling the stress. Luckily, my bachelorette party was this weekend and my awesome girls got me a massage. But back to real world. I need this prompt to lift my mood! Let's get started...

Prompt Forty-One- Fuming Waves
Write a story that incorporates, "the shore fumed at the waves." Either the idea or the actual sentence itself. Your choice. Free write, just go with it!

My response...

We walked side by side, hand in hand onto the white sand beach. The water was swishing in the distance, it's melodic waves strumming our own personal song. I looked to my left and saw my husband just barely through the blanket of darkness.

His lighter features and sandy blonde hair fit him perfectly. I remember when we first met, that was what initially attracted me to him. I always went for the dark men with dark features, but Kevin had something only he holds and I just can't quite articulate it.

Kevin stops and sits down in the sand. His perfectly tailored suit probably getting ruined from the damp ground. I contemplate whether I should sit or not, not wanting to dirty my dress, but honestly, who wears their wedding dress again.

I sit beside my husband in utter contentment. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and tugs me close to his body. The heat radiates off him in waves similar to those thrumming in the ocean. It's intoxicating, but also very simple.

When people think of waves, they think of their power and grace. The waves tonight aren't angry. They don't fume at the shore, relentlessly crashing on the sand only to pull away and do it again. They're loving waves tonight. Caressing the shore, massaging and turning it up and down and sideways. The waves kiss the shore with each fold.

And with that thought, I turn my face towards my perfect husband and kiss his perfectly shaven cheek. He grins, the lines emerging on his cheeks and I kiss each one, because I never want to forget this moment. I never want to forget the night the waves made love to the shore.

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Write your response in the comments section below or what you think of this prompt. 

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  1. the shore
    of suppressed memories
    as the tide
    of recollecting waves
    down upon them
    obliterating the barrier
    between what is
    and what was
    I begin to remember ...
    ... I remember
    a jewelery box
    filled with things
    I don't understand ...
    ... I remember
    I'm locked in a basement
    scared and homesick
    crying for my mommy ...
    ... I remember
    a cheap motel room
    smoke in my face
    throwing up ...
    ... I remember
    being in
    a strange house
    sleeping on
    a strange couch
    waking up to
    a strange man
    with a shadowed face
    standing over me ...
    ... I remember
    almost thirty years
    of trying
    not to remember ...
    with memories confronted
    it's time
    to let the dust
    shaken from the rafters
    of my mind
    to once again
    be swept
    into a corner
    of my subconscious
    and forgotten

    1. That's beautiful @misslady! I really love the format and how it's read. My favorite lines, "I remember almost thirty years of trying not to remember." I just really connected to it. Thanks for participating!

    2. Thank you. The prompt was great.


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