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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 54

I have such a fun prompt for you all today. It's from my creative writing class. How are we all doing on this fun hump day? I'm exhausted and have a ton of school work, but this kind of counts, right?! Tell me what you think and check out my stories on WattPad!

Prompt Fifty-Four: Dialogue
Take any character you want: one of yours or a famous one and place them in an elevator with someone they would prefer to go into witness protection to avoid. Stop the elevator between floors. Write the dialogue.

My response...

            I sprinted through the lobby of the abandoned hotel. I jabbed my finger against the circle button that immediately lit up. A sigh of relief escaped me when it came to life. At least the electricity still worked—it was probably one of the few places that did. I glanced behind me, paranoia kicking in, and three hooded men stepped into the lobby. I jabbed the stupid button relentlessly as they slowly walked towards me, almost as if they were ghosts meandering the realm of the living.
            Finally, the doors parted and I ran into the small box-like elevator. The scent of mothballs assaulted me, but I pushed my way through it into the safety of the white lit room. I hit level thirty, and then pressed down the doors closed button. I pushed that thing so hard that my finger turned red and then white.
            Just as the doors were shutting one of the dark figures jumped into the elevator. I tried to sidestep him and run out of the doors, but like clockwork, they closed right behind him. The elevator lurched to life and I stumbled forward at the sudden movement, catching myself on the carpeted wall.
            “Do not touch me.” I gritted my teeth at the man beside me. I had no idea who he was, only that the group of these black men had been stalking me for days. I thought I was safe out of the city, but it was clear I was mistaken.
            “It’s not what you think.” His voice spoke to me. I knew that voice and I’d craved hearing that voice. It had been weeks since I saw another person, not including eaters. I looked beside me and saw the man I once loved. A whiplash of emotions tumbled through me.
            “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”
            “Jill, hear me out.”
            “Hear you out?” I was no longer scared, only livid. I stepped towards him and pulled the hood off his head, revealing his dark messy hair and chocolaty eyes. He looked tired, like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. He now sported a beard, where had once been clean shaven skin. I hadn’t seen him in two months and the drastic difference was jarring. I had run from him as I watched him become a stone-faced killer.
            “Jill, it’s not what it seems.”
            “I want you to get out of this elevator and never see me again.” I turned and faced the maroon wall. I crossed my arms over my chest and ignored the waves of tension crashing on me from behind. Suddenly, the elevator screeched to a stop, jostling me forward, and I bashed my head against the wall.
            The lights faded to blackness. I heard his heavy breaths in the elevator and then an emergency light popped on, the soft yellow streams of light just enough to cast a shadow on his already dark face. I was scared, unsure of what was happening. My instincts kicked in and all I wanted to do was run to him and let him wrap me in his blanket of comfort, but I pushed my spine against the metal rail and stood rooted in my spot.
            “What did you do?”
            “Why do you think I did this?”
            “It has your name written all over it.”
            “Jill, give me a chance to explain. Your brother was a bad man.”
            “Stop!” I screamed, holding up my arms in front of me. “I am done with you filling my head with useless shit. My brother was a saint and you killed him. I saw you cut his throat. I watched the life drain from his eyes because of you.”
            “He was going to kill us both.”
            “You're lying.”
            “I’m not, Jill! I fucking love you. You think I’d kill your brother just for shits and giggles. He was going to murder you that night with the Bandits. He was part of this group!” He clutched his black hoodie in both his hands, tore it over his head and threw it to the ground. I watched in horror as his face knitted together and as he ran his hand through his overgrown hair.
            I couldn’t formulate a sentence. I couldn’t believe the lies he was saying about my brother. I didn’t want to. He was dead and couldn’t defend himself. I had to keep the image of my twin brother alive.
            “Just stay away from me.”
            “Please.” He came over to me and took both my shoulders in his hands, making me face him head on. He shook me and looked deep into my eyes, as if searching for my soul for redemption. His chocolate eyes were wide, worried and whole, but I couldn’t be swept up by past feelings. He was a betrayer, a murderer.
            I pulled the long handled knife from my back pocket and lifted it between us so he could see. His eyes flashed with something like confusion. He immediately let go of me and stepped backwards.
            “Touch me again, John, and I won’t hesitate to kill you.” John shook his head and leaned against his side of the elevator. Mentally, I drew a line where I could be and he couldn’t. He sat down, his back to the wall, his knees pulled towards his chest and his elbows resting on top of them. He bowed his head and stared at his hands, or maybe the ground, I couldn’t quite tell through the poor lighting.
            I took the same position across from him, only I had a knife in my hand and refused to drop it. I studied John. I used to know him inside and out. I loved every inch of him and he loved me back. We had what people hope for. In this post-apocalyptic state the world was in, I knew that no matter what shit happened, John had my back. But when I saw the look in his eyes as he murdered my brother, the love just ripped its way out of me and I thought I’d be next.
            “I’m sorry you lost your brother. But you need to fucking wake up before you lose yourself, too.” 
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