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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Broken Curse | Teaser Two

I have a super long teaser for you all today! It's from The Broken Curse, which is coming out this month!! Don't forget to pick up your copies of the other two books before this one releases. It's going to be an epic finale as we say goodbye to our favorite characters.

Mikey and Carter connect hands and in the next second appear a hundred feet away. Kara lifts her neon top off her head and jumps into the rolling river. The water is clear and moving fast. I can see the brown dirt and all different colored rocks at the bottom. 
“Come on, Ryder!” she calls to me. I shake my head and smile as she dives under the waist deep water, dunking her head. When she pops back up, she’s completely drenched, water dripping down her face.
I lose track of Mikey and Carter and then in a second, they’re lifting me off the ground.
“No!” I yell through my laughter. “Don’t throw me in! It’s freezing in there.”
“Oh, you’re going in!” Mikey laughs back. 
They don’t throw me in. Instead, I feel them disappear with me in their arms and then we appear just inches above the water’s surface. I yelp as we fall straight into the water. I don’t have time for my legs to catch me so I sink to my butt, practically dunking myself all the way in.
“You jerks!” I joke as I splash the water at their faces. The four of us are all soaking wet. My clothes are waterlogged, but I guess that’s good because they were dirty anyway. I float on my back and look up at the sunny day, the blue sky with cotton candy clouds barely moving. I can feel the heat caress my face and the cool water beneath me is like an ice pack on my sore muscles.
“Do you think we can swim faster than normal people?” Mikey asks as he floats next to me.
“I’d assume so. Although we can’t really test it out here. It’s like three feet deep.” To prove my point, I straighten myself and stand in the shallow water. It only reaches my waist, just licking at my belly button. 
“Come on, let’s race! Who knows? Maybe there are rivers in the Underworld.” Mikey digs his hands into the dirt. He pulls his hand up with a bunch of rocks and they look so smooth in his hand.
    “There are rivers. But none you’d want to swim in.”

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