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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Broken Curse | Teaser Five

Here's teaser five. This is a fun one. The new gods are helping our favorite characters from DGA prepare for the war in the Underworld. They're discovering weaknesses. Enjoy...
Alexandros starts slow. He sways from left to right, going from his left foot to his right and back again. His hands come up into fists and he puts them in front of his face like a boxer. Alexandros makes the first move.
He jabs forward and nails Mikey right on the jaw. Mikey teleports around Alexandros and appears on the other side of him. He grabs Alexandros around the neck and starts pulling. But Alexandros easily maneuvers out of his grasp.
Lex bends and flips around. He grabs Mikey’s shoulders and lifts him off the ground, his feet dangling off the ground. Suddenly he’s gone. I look around the room for Mikey, but he’s completely missing.
“Miss me?” His voice rings out from the top of the bleachers behind us. “I can teleport, dude. You forget?” 
But then in the next instant Alexandros is in front of him and has him by the neck. Lex throws him down the bleachers and Mikey’s body skids to a stop at the bottom. Lex leaps down and lands in a crouch. Lex slams his fist so close to Mikey’s face I scream, but his clenched fist breaks into the ground, just millimeters from his cheek. 
“You’re cocky. That can kill you.” Alexandros shakes his head and walks towards the bleachers. His sister pops up from her seat and as they pass, they clap hands.
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