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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 61

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I haven't done a writing prompt in a while so I'm very happy to get to write with you all today. I made today's kind of fun and kind of depressing becuase that's just the mood I'm in. 2014 was a great year for me, but I can't wait to move on to bigger and better. So let's try this prompt and celebrate!

Prompt Sixty-One- 9 Reasons
Another prompt that I found on I love this site! Write nine reasons to break off an engagement/wedding/ break up with someone. Have fun with it though. Make them interesting and fun. Enjoy!

My response...

Note: This is fictional and not based on real events. Thank god.

I've had nine serious boyfriends in my entire lifetime. It may seem like a lot to you, but I assure you, they were all the one. Or at least I thought they were. I think it's clear now why it never worked out and why it never was going to work out. But this is the story of my love life, which sadly is non-existent now. It's pathetic really. But hopefully this post will help someone so they don't make the same mistakes as me. 

Boyfriend Breakup #1: Age 15

I was an early bloomer in the words of my mother. Jayden was three years older than me, a senior to my sophomore status. I didn't have many friends so maybe that's why I clung to his attention. Either way, I was obsessed with the President of LAHS. He stole my virginity on a park bench at midnight down the block from my house. And then broke up with me in a text the next day. Did I mention it was Christmas? Yep. Then he decided he didn't get enough sex, so I went back to him thinking he loved me. He used me again, I grew a pair of balls and ended it. However, the damage haunted me for years.

Boyfriend Breakup #2: Age 18

Jayden left me jaded, what do you know? I searched for love with sex until I met Liam my senior year of high school. People bullied me for giving up my virginity, but Liam was a nice boy who preferred to spend time in the library over the courtyard. He was safe. I think he really did love me. He was too safe. I know what you're thinking, typical girl who doesn't want the good guy, but Liam was boring in a really genuine way. I should have stuck with him, but I didn't know who I was or what I wanted, so I broke up with Liam in what I thought was a nice way. We never spoke again. 

Boyfriend Breakup #3: Age 18

I went to college and fell in love with an older boy. He brought me to parties and showered me with attention. He was like Liam, only older. But again, I got bored with our routine and wanted some thrill and adventure. We didn't have an official break up or anything. Luckily, we're still decent friends, but it's clear the spark was never there.

Boyfriend Breakup #4: Age 18

As you can tell 18 was a boy-crazed year for me. It was just crazy in general. I was on my own in college, was able to reinvent myself without Jayden haunting me. I finally got over him. I made new friends and this particular friends, Cory, became more than just friends. We fell into a sort of friends with benefits thing that continued for over two years. In the end, it was just sex and we left on good terms. 

Boyfriend Breakup #5: Age 20

This one is tough to write because I still regret the way things happened. I met Mark in one of my classes. He was charming, hilarious and honestly, I felt like it was love at first sight. The instant connection we shared was something I had never experienced before. He treated me like he loved me, with respect and exactly how a man should. But I cheated on him with Cory. And he found out from a girl in my dorm. And we fought, tried to make it work, but in the end, he couldn't trust me and I don't blame him. 

Boyfriend Breakup #6: Age 21

I hated myself for the situations of my past. Number six used that to his advantage and abused me because of it. I still can't say his name without the feeling of nausea creeping up on me. I stayed with him for four years. It was rough, hard, but I stayed because I thought I deserved it. I thought I could change him. But I couldn't. A one am trip to the hospital ended our relationship as he begged for forgiveness at the bedside. I could barely see out of my swollen left eye, but I mustered all my strength and told him to leave. 

Boyfriend Breakup #7: Age 26

My mother kept telling me that my internal timer was ticking away so I settled for a sophisticated man from NYC who promised to give me a life of luxury. We got an engaged on New Year Eve. A huge rock sat on my ring finger, and every time I looked at it, my stomach swirled with regrets. I didn't love Rick, looking back, but he was a good man. I became pregnant before the wedding could happen and he said I had to abort the baby to protect his name. I said no. I moved home with my mother who hated me. I lost the baby early: miscarriage due to stress and dehydration the doctor said.

Boyfriend Breakup #8: Age 29

I met Daniel in therapy. I had been attending AA meetings every since my depression. Daniel was a bad ass biker who dealt drugs, but apparently never used. I need a place to live to get away from my mother so after two weeks I moved in with him. I got the adventure I always wanted, but it didn't last. I could have stayed with him, but I just didn't want to anymore. I had a job at this point so I bought my own house and started to be independent.

Boyfriend breakup #9: Age 31

I finally knew who I was. Stefan came into my life when I was stable. I hadn't had a drink in two years, had my depression under control and had been promoted to manager at my accounting firm. Stefan was a blonde man with a daughter. She was an angel and I fell in love with her. But in the end, I was only with Stefan for his daughter, and I had to end it before I got too attached. She wasn't mine and Stefan's ex made that perfectly clear. 

I am alone, but not completely. I've made friends that are all the support I need. I don't know if I'll ever find my soul mate. I don't even know if I believe in that anymore. But I'm learning to cope with my past and the choices I've made. I've taken cooking for one classes, turned my guest bedroom into a studio to paint and fallen in love with a golden retriever. I'm okay--or at least I'm learning to be.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyable read! Oh, my goodness, I first scrolled through all the boyfriends before I scrolled back up and realized they were all fictional. I was just beginning to feel sorry!

    1. I'm only 23 :) But yes, pretty depressing. But I'm in a dark mood today. Glad you enjoyed!


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