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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 59

So, it's five am when I'm writing this so bear with me. I can barely see my flickering screen, BUT I want to do the writing Wednesday so right now it is. How are you all today? Did anyone watch the Sons of Anarchy last night? OH MY GOD. Anyway, let's get to writing...

Prompt Fifty-Nine- Little Box
Today we have a situational writing prompt. Your short story must begin with the phrase, "she touched the little box in her pocket and smiled." No word or time limits. GO!

My response...

She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. She didn't know what was going to happen, but her mind was set. She was going through with her plan. The outcome was unexpected which left her on edge.
Gary's flat was on the second floor. His apartment had a bright red door with a picturesque window. Yellow light flooded out and cast squares on the front stoop. She loved his place and hoped that she'd be able to call it home one day.
She'd been with Gary exclusively for five years. They met right out of college, settled down in similar neighborhoods and clicked well. She loved Gary. But despite their long relationship, Gary was tentative to settle down. 
But she would change that today.
She buzzed into the house and heard the familiar click when someone let her in. She tapped her back pocket again, making sure that the box was in there again. The entire subway ride, then the walk down four blocks and now the short steps to the door she felt for the rock in her pocket. 
Since Gary was on the second floor, she found herself sprinting up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. It was faster since she was in such a hurry to get there. The other tenants in the place decorated their doors with colored lights. Some had wreaths hanging in the middle of the door, while others had a blow up snowman beside their doors. 
It was her favorite time of the year. The city lit up in lights from top to bottom. Even the smell of the normally grimy subways, cabs, and homeless people magically got better, filling with cinnamon and Christmas cheer. It was electrifying. She thought that it was what was making her decision so much easier. 

She wasn't normally so bold. She was told in high school that she was passive, quiet and a bit nerdy. But she was feeling the exact opposite of that right now. She felt confident, bold and aggressive. She was taking what she wanted for once in her life. She felt like the stars were aligning. 
She knocked on Gary's bare door and waited for him to answer. She heard a scuffle behind the door, a bang like a lamp falling and then a body slammed into the door. She jumped backwards and glared through the door, wondering what the hell was going on.
"Chrissy!" Gary said as he swung open the door. He was flustered, his hair toppled in a mess on his head. His button up shirt was left unbuttoned, only the bottom two in the right spot. She could have sworn that she saw lipstick or some kind of gloss on his top lip, smeared to his nostril. 
"Um, hi," she said, cowering into her shell.
"I wasn't expecting you--"
"Gar, come back!" A female voice flooded Chrissy's ears. She quirked her head as she looked at Gary, waiting for his response. 
"She's a friend."
Chrissy realized as she looked at Gary that he wasn't the guy she made him out to be. Suddenly, it was like her subconscious caught up to her. She saw things in Gary in that one second that changed all five years of her thinking. She hated him. She loathed him. He broke her. 
She turned and ran back down the stairs she had just ran up. She longer cared about the rock in her pocket. She was going to propose to Gary, move things along. She was going to take charge in her relationship and now this happened. She guessed it was karma. 
She emerged on the street which no longer felt magical. For some reason, the white string lights hung from one side of the street to the other were dimmed, almost yellow and old. The evergreen trees were limp. There was a nasty smell in the air that lingered in her nose. 
She began to walk when it was clear that Gary wasn't following her. In some sick way she had hoped that he would chase her, tell her he loved her, and apologize for his actions. But he didn't. 
She found a bar about two blocks down from Gary's apartment. It was perfectly in-between his apartment and the subway station. She walked in and sat at the far end of the bar, adjusting the box in her pocket so that she was comfortable. 
She wasn't much of a drinker. In fact, she couldn't hold her alcohol at all. In college she got so wasted once that she threw up all over her roommate, proceeded to cover the bathroom with jager bombs and Bud Light Lime and then continued her journey to the bedroom. It was a nightmare she relived frequently. 
"What can I get for you sweet girl?" the bartender asked.
"I'll take a beer," she said.
"What kind of beer," the guy said through his laugh. 
"Oh, um," she started to stutter. "I don't know. Surprise me."
To be continued...
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