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Friday, January 9, 2015

For The Love of Ash | Main Characters

For The Love of Ash is wrapping up and you know what that means, TEASERS GALORE. I absolutely love the way this novel has shaped up. I am in love with the characters and I'm actually a little sad that I have to let it go soon. But let's get to some characters.
Maggie Larken

She's a twenty-two year old girl who never had a chance at happiness. Her parents expected nothing of her, ignoring her to frequent their favorite country clubs and golf courses. She used her body to get what she wanted and sought attention through rebelling. When that didn't work she fled to college in hopes of getting away, but when her parents died in a car crash, she's brought back home to take care of her younger brother, Asher. 
Maggie is anxious by nature, using vices like smoking cigarettes to get by day to day without having a panic attack. But her number one priority always is Asher. She promises to do right by him, giving him an adult he can trust unlike their parents who were never there. She ditches her party ways to pay for ice hockey camp, her apartment, and school lunches.
Inspiration: Evangeline Lilly

Luke Wilson

Everyone perceived Luke to have a perfect life of riches in New Canaan, CT, but behind the curtains it was anything but. He took the brunt of abuse from his father to protect his siblings and played the part of perfect son to pacify his father while he was living in his house. When he went to college, he could finally be himself. He partied, got tattoos and changed majors. 
Luke's dream was to travel the world teaching English to children who needed his guidance.  Coming from a family of eight he had to make a compromise and put his hopes on hold: teaching gym at Woodbury Elementary. He's still close to his four sisters, and brother, but doing something he loves, yet he searches for something other meaning to life.
Inspiration: Andre Hamann

Asher Larken

Asher's one passion is ice hockey. He lives and breathes the sport and when he's not on the ice, he's practice his stick handling or shots. He doesn't really fit in in school because he doesn't like going up to people and making friends. He prefers to stick to himself and do this own thing.

The main word to describe Asher is passionate. His parents didn't give him the attention or recognition he desired but with Maggie taking over his guardianship, he hopes to live a normal life. He loves Maggie and takes a liking to Luke as his gym teacher. Slowly, they pull him out of his shell.

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