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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Writing Wednesday | Prompt 62

Happy middle of the week, peep! Not going to lie, I'm having some serious sleeping issues. I work early, but I was so used to being up and at 'em early. After the holiday breaks and what not, I'm STILL struggling with my mornings. UGH. Let me tell you, this sucks. I've had to nap almost every day, live off coffee. I should write a book about it. HAHA. Just kidding. Let's prompt!!

Prompt Sixty-Two- Excuses

I was inspired for this one from a group I belong to on Scribophile. PS. It's my new favorite thing and I've met the most wonderful people in the entire writing community. Really, though. Anyway, the prompt! You're a boss and someone under you made a mistake; but you believe in their talent. Come up with an excuse/cover-up to protect your employee and write a scene using it.

My response...

Luckily, my boss only wanted to have a conference call to discuss the mistake James made. I think I would have cracked under Big Nose Barry's scrutinizing glares. The man intimidated me to no end, but I was learned not to take shit from anyone. 

"We're connected," his voice rang out from the computer. I couldn't see him, it was just a voice call, but there was a chat box in the corner that could be set to personal and private and each person on the call's voice bar. 

Immediately, I messaged the manager of another branch. 

Lindhardt: I'm about to get reamed. 
Paulito: What happened?
Lindhardt: Employee fucked up a major account. We lost thousands.
Paulito: Shit. That's rough. Need me to say anything?

"We all here? Sign on," Barry snapped. I could just imagine him biting his stubby fingernails, spitting the cuticle to the side. He was repulsive, but he was fucking good at this job. Nobody could deny that. But he was also tough. 

"Lindhardt here," I said quietly. Maybe he'd forget about me. Everyone else said their names.

"We need to talk, Rayna. What happened with James on the McMullen sale?"

"Well..." I stuttered which was something I can't say I'd ever done before. "James' brother died. He had to fly out to a funeral in Japan, so I was left handling his accounts since I didn't trust any of the other managers. I didn't call the rep for McMullen back and they found someone else."

"So, it's your fault that we're out hundreds of thousands from one of our largest clients?" 

"Yes," I muttered.

"Everyone else, click out. I'll phone when I need you back in." His voice was so hard it felt like knives slicing your skin. 

Paulito: Good luck.

"We have to let you go, Rayna. This was huge. I can't even cover for you. I know you're a great worker, you're intelligent. But corporate is breathing down my neck. Someone has to take the heat. It's your or James."

"Fine. It's me. James needs this job more than me."

"You're strong. I'm sorry we couldn't make this work." 

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Write your response in the comments below! Or just tell me what you think of the prompt!

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