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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Need to Finish

So the past day or two, I have been restless. I want to finish my book so badly! Yesterday, I had a skype meeting with my cousin, Avery Hutchings. She is an art major in college. She rocks! She is such an amazing artist. She is doing my design and cover and inside art. We came up with some pretty amazing ideas. She's trying to rush for me so I can start posting stuff on here. I am just so damn excited!

I am up to chapter three editing. I try to do one chapter at a time. My eyes hurt so bad after reading it. The way that I edit is, I read it out loud first and mark any places that don't sound right. I also mark spots that I want to add or have an idea for. After reading the chapter out loud first, I go back to the beginning. I do it one paragraph at a time. I mark it up! I add whatever I want, take out what I want and make any grammatical errors correct. After doing that for the whole chapter, I read through with the new things. If something is repetitive (which happens all the time for me!) I fix it.

The reason I only allow myself to do a chapter a day is because I need my brain working at 100%. I tend to get in a flow. If I go on to the next chapter, I change from reading as an editor to reading as a reader. I get wrapped up in the book and before I know it, I haven't marked a single thing. :( I'm really not good at the whole editing thing.

Lucky for me, I have friends and family who I am making do this as well. My boyfriend Chris has the first official copy. He is reading it as a reader and letting me know if he notices any inconsistencies, any errors, character issues and that kind of stuff. I have my cousin, Maddie editing as well. She is actually in school to do this kind of thing so it's perfect.

I love having family who I don't have to pay! They all love me so they have to do me these favors. Of course once my book is out there you can see them on the dedication page! Wellllllll, I am off to start chapter four. Wish me luck. I am hoping to get a lot done this weekend. Stay posted for tomorrow because I am going to try and post some character fun stuff!


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