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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Silence or music?

I wrote my first book in the silence. I have observed that throughout my life, studying or doing homework, I get much more done when it is very quiet. If I am doing something that requires my full attention, I need quiet. However recently I have been trying to use classical music. I have been using it in the background while I work and write.

I find that it doesn't distract me nearly as much as other things. I like the music, it puts me into a peaceful state. I am not completely sold yet. I find that if there is a song that I really like, it captures my attention. I stop and listen instead of working.

I read on another blog that writing with music helps your mood. I find that when a happy song comes on that my mood is definitely lifted. I can feel a mental change in my thinking. It is really quite astonishing. The blog also says that you have to play around with which genres work for you. For me, writing with any song in the background that has words is difficult. I find myself wanting to sing along, or accidentally writing the words I listen to instead of my book. Maybe I just suck at multitasking.

I never listen to music [while I write]. I find music much too distracting. – JK Rowling.

I used to agree with her but now I am so torn. I guess I will continue to play with music and writing. I am editing so I don't need as much focus. Maybe this is why it has been helping me. I put together a little playlist of songs that stimulate my brain right now.

The River Flows in You- Yiruma
Pachelbel Meets U2- Jon Schmidt
Colors of the Wind- Marilyn Byrnes
Nightingale- Yanni

These are just the most recent ones I have listened to. I will keep updating on my listening while writing progress. Wish me luck!



  1. Hi Taylor - saw your mention of this blog on Google+ I prefer total silence when writing. I have enough going on in my head not to be distracted by music too.

    1. That is what I have come to discover as well. I have tried writing with the tv on in the background or music. I just can't seem to focus! I get the most productive writing done, in the morning when the house is silent.


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