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Monday, January 7, 2013

Ollie | Meet and Greet

Meet Ollie, the next boy toy from the series!
Ollie is simply beautiful. He has dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. They are piercing. He is at least six feet tall according to Ryder. She isn’t too good with approximation. He is muscular and defined. He looks very manly but is a student at RHS. His hair hasn’t been cut in a while so it has a wave and flip to the bottom. He has some scruff on his face that makes him that much sexier. 
He also has a confident air about him. He walks like he knows he’s hot. He doesn’t care what people think though. He only cares what Ryder does. He wants Ryder all to himself even though she is an outcast in the school. He is very protective and can get jealous easily, which we see in the book. Overall he is a big hunk!
Ollie begins the story as the new kid. He comes in to RHS senior year. Ollie is very likable with a dangerous side. He uses this voice when he wants his way that is unsettling. People do whatever he says. Whether it’s his boyish charm or sexy voice, they do it. Ryder at first is hesitant to make friends with him. She worries that he just wants her to have sex with him or that he is really with Becca, the queen bitch. In the end, she too can’t stay away from him. 

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