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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Breaking | Cure to Becoming Burnt Out

I officially understand how people get tired of writing and editing and feel burnt out. This weekend it was my goal to finish up the book. The book is thirty chapters long and I was done with twelve. I figured since I had nothing planned I could bang it out in one day. I found myself procrastinating in the morning which is very unusual for me. I tend to get my best work done first thing in the morning. I kept asking myself why I didn't want to get down to business and found myself unable to answer.

I realized that I was bored and tired of working on it. Instead of sitting at my desk all day and editing, I wanted to watch tv, walk the dog, EXERCISE! I think that says enough. I sat down and just reflected for a couple of minutes and realized what the problem was. I was burnt out.

I've read my book so many damn times that my eyes were tired and ended up skipping over parts and getting to the good parts that I knew were coming. This is so bad! Especially since I am editing I need to read it in depth and find all the errors.

I ended up putting my manuscript away. I told myself even though I want to get it done, it has to be done right. I didn't touch it Saturday or Sunday. Monday rolls around and I bring my manuscript with me to work. I decide to start editing and see where it takes me. Instead of planning to plow through the book, I decided that I would do two chapters and see how I felt.

The two chapters went great. I found myself engaged in the book and really focused. I was able to edit the two chapters in really good time and I really wanted to keep going. I didn't allow myself to. Instead, I put the manuscript down and moved on. I watched two episodes of lost, played games on my phone and did some real work.

Today is here and I am looking forward to editing more. Like yesterday I am planning on only editing two or three chapters. Then I will break again. Your mind may be into the story but it needs a break. After editing and writing for the past couple months, a day or two break is much needed.

Moral of the story? Take breaks. Even though you may feel the need to finish as soon as possible, it needs to be done right. If it's not done correctly the first time, you are going to be wasting your time. You'll have to go back in and fix what you didn't notice before. Even taking a lunch break or playing a game is helpful. It gives your mind a break. My brain is my friend, I should treat it right! :)


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