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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book Description

Hey guys! I finally have been working on getting published. I have created an ISBN, finished all the interior and worked on pricing. Currently I am waiting on my designer to finish the cover. I'm not sure how long it will take so I'm getting restless. Meanwhile... I am working on the description for the book. It can't be long but I want to make sure it hooks people in. Here is the first one I came up with!

Ryder has been bullied for the past two years in high school. She is tired of walking around in fear. On the first day of her senior year, she decides she isn't going to care what people think of her. She can't wait to finish the year and get the heck out of town! Then she meets Ollie. He is a sexy, blue eyed God. She falls hopelessly in love with him. While Ollie is out of town she collaborates with Ari, a cocky, motorcycle riding bad ass. They travel on an epic journey into the Underworld to uncover secrets Ryder never knew existed. Will her love with Ollie be able to withstand Ari's charm? Will an ancient curse bring them together or push them apart? What will Ryder do once she has the answers?

I liked this one because it gives a little background information on Ryder. You know that she has been bullied and had a hard time in high school. You also learn both guys names. I didn't want to mention Ollie without Ari. It also gives foresight into the main quest in this novel. The journey into Hell.

I wanted to end it with questions that intrigue someone to read the book. The first question shows that there is that romance aspect to the novel. The second one shows that there are deeper powers working behind the scenes. It's a fantasy novel after all! I hope you like it! I think I am going to keep this one. I'll see what people say :) I'll keep you posted!


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