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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Teaser | TTYC

I figure since Friday's are usually my least busy day, I will do a teaser. I know usually writers do it on Tuesday or Thursday so it's all cute and double t. I just want it to be special! So I chose this passage from the book because it sheds a little bit of light on Ryder. It doesn't give anything away. This scene makes me personally feel bad. Ryder is bullied. This scene is from chapter one. Here we go!

Dear Diary, Remind me that I owe Junior my life. He is honestly the best best friend ever. After this morning I needed a serious pep talk to even get to class. Just being next to him was comforting. I’m looking forward to lunch since I’ll finally have someone to sit with. It’s definitely a new year and a new- 

“What the hell?!” My journal is yanked from under my hand and off my desk into the hands of precisely the person I would never want it to. Oh hell no. My day was so promising and drama free. 

“Hm, let’s see what the gay girl is writing about.” Becca snickers. She flips through the pages to my most recent entry. I hate that she is even looking at my thoughts. It is private stuff.  

“Stop give it back!” I yell at Becca from my seat. Stupid bitch stole my diary and is threatening to read it aloud. She stands up on top of the desk now. She is prepping herself to read it to the class which is starting to fill up. Great, more people to witness her proclamation. She calls attention to herself and the class quiets down. Everyone is entranced by the show. This is just what I need, public humiliation. I sink into my seat trying to hide my face. 

“Oh Junior I love you so much, just not like that. I like girls now don’t you get it? I’m a lesbian Junior. Les-bi-an.” Becca pretends to read from my diary. She waves her arms around animately. I’m so fucking pissed now. I’m either going to kill her or cry. I’m not sure which yet. I decide to grow a pair.  

“Give it back you bitch.” I say to her. I stand up and reach my arm in the direction of my book. She looks down at me with her evil eye. She jumps down from the table and starts ripping pages out from the journal all while staring me in the eyes. When she’s satisfied that the pages are so small I can’t ever read them, she steps up to me.

“If you ever talk to me like that again, I’ll get you expelled.” She whispers so only I can her it. I shrink down a few feet. A grin spreads across her lips and she throws the papers right into my face. Her little posse hoots and hollers from their seats. They tell her how funny she is. Honestly, they all disgust me. They're pathetic little clones. 

I try to pick up as many pieces of paper as possible. I put them all on my desk, along with the cover and sit down. I try to piece it all together but it’s worthless. I gather them all up in my hands and go to toss them in the trash. The only bin is by the door, but I don’t even care anymore. I feel so defeated and pathetic as it is. They can watch me all they want. They win, like usual. I loose.

I hope you all enjoyed this tease. I can't wait to get the full book out for everyone to see! Let me know what you think about it. It's my baby, be nice!


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