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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Productive Day

Well, I officially feel bad for my college. After over one hundred sheets of paper and two, yes two, cartridges of ink, my final manuscript is done and ready to edit! I swear, this better be the last editing. I am so tired of nit picking. I'm pretty sure my eyes are shot! I have a long week ahead of me. I am hoping to finish the edit by next week before my classes start up again.

Drag, college.

I spoke to my cousin, who is creating my cover and art work. We have plans to skype tonight. Our idea for the cover is going to be amazing! It is original and will capture attention. I am so excited to start putting everything together. This project is my baby!

I also joined a group yesterday on yahoo. Cate Rowan is the admin on the site. Look her up, she's amazing! She has been so helpful to me. They accepted me into the group last night! It is a indie romance group. There are 1300 members! It has been really helpful. I spent most of last night reading through various articles. They know their stuff.

I received an email yesterday from a gentleman from amazon I have been talking to. Amazon has this service called create space that I am thinking of using to self publish my book. They have many great services, for free! Not going to lie, I am a little skeptical, so I am doing research on it today.

Hm.. What else? I am procrastinating from getting back to my book. Editing is such a drag. I wish I could afford an editor. Man, would my life be easier. I guess I shall go now!


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