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Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Teaser Friday!!

To be honest, I almost forgot about teasing you all today! I chose this part because I like it. It doesn't give away much. It is almost halfway through the book. This gives a sneak peak into the start of Ryder and Ari's friendship/relationship/bickering. They are pretty funny. Ari gets introduced to Ryder's dad. It's an awkward moment. Here it is... I hope you like it!
“Hey dad” I go over and kiss him on the cheek. Ari stands behind me in the doorway. “Is it okay if I have a plus one tonight?” I ask him and pray that one, he says yes and two, he doesn't embarrass me. Although, even if he did embarrass me I don’t think Ari would be scared off. 

“Of course no problem at all.” He stops cooking and turns to face us. He wipes his hand on his apron and smiles at Ari. He looks very femiinine in his apron and slacks. “You must be Ollie.” Dad says cheerfully and I die.

“Dad! No, this is ARI” I make an emphasis on the name. Damn him. 

“Oh I’m so sorry. Pleasure to meet you Ari.” He says but I am still mortified. I can tell he is embarrassed for the both of us. His face is a little redder than it was before. I must get that trait from him. I excuse us and tell dad to call us when it is ready. I take him into the basement which has a couch and tv in it. The living room would be the obvious choice but it connects to the kitchen and I don’t want to be in ear shot of dad. He can be a creeper sometimes. 

I hope you liked it! Let me know what you all think!


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