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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Life Is Over!

Piece of advice #1- Always back up your computer.

The worst thing that could happen, happened to me today. Literally, my nightmares have come true. Like any average computer owner, I back up my computer semi-frequently. I basically do it whenever I remember to.

Well... My computer crashed, burned, died- freaking BLANKED OUT ON ME! I got the blue screen of death on my mac and couldn't even log into my computer to copy my files. I literally spent three hours on the phone with Apple Support trying to figure out a way but nope- nothing they could do.

So here I am- bookless, photo less, music less... Let's just say- I've got nothing! Nothing at all. My one saving grace was I have my files on a USB stick.

Bad news? I haven't backed up to it since the beginning of May- May 2nd. All of my edits- which I've been doing like crazy to get my book ready for the editor by June 4th is gone. My new book- completely gone. My old/new book- half there.

I just got home from work and am sitting her sobbing as I write this. It sucks because I put so much work into The Thousand Year Curse the past two weeks. Editing, cutting, formatting. All of it's gone and it's heart breaking. I don't even have it in me right now to fix it all up.

My new book was so good and I was so excited for it and now that's gone. I don't have that at all on my computer, USB, email- nothing. I HATE MY LIFE.

*Sorry if I'm an annoying b-i-t-c-h right now but let me vent- please!*

Where do I go from here? How can I move on? Right now all I want to do is sit here and wallow in my sorrows. I want to chuck this computer out the window and never write again. I'm feeling very much like sitting in a rut for a while.

Don't feel bad for me, though. Feel bad for Chris, my boyfriend. I hate to say it but I'm definitely taking it out on him right now. He probably hates me but still. I hate this computer. Macs are supposed to be the best, right? No. I hate apple now. Apple ruined my writing spree. BoOoOoOoO.

Anyways- I'll end this now before you all block me for whining. We all hate whining characters so real people whining- not a fun thing. I'll be retreating to my bed and not coming out for days. If you don't hear from me, don't fret. I'm alive but not well. Still sulking.

Later guys. BACK YOUR SHIT UP!


  1. I am so sorry this happened to you! The good news is that you have some of it to forge ahead with! Don't wallow! I know it's hard not to, but, if you want to be happy, learn from your mistake and move on. Sharing it with others is a good way to help people learn from your mistake. I hope everyone who reads this learns to back up their stuff. I know you have reminded me to get on the ball and back up my stuff. Thank you for this important message! Keep going, you never know what you'll find!

    1. Thanks for the support. I'm about ready to pull my hair out! Definitely back up, I've learned my lesson :)

  2. Oh goodness--that sucks! I'm so sorry! Weeks of hard work lost; blargh.

    Are your memory cards still in good shape? You might, if you have geeky friends who have a collection of computers/computer parts lying around, be able to salvage your memory. As in take out the memory cards (or have them do it) and try to upload the files onto a different system. (If so, pay the friend. Trust me, the same service is $1200 or so at computer repair shops, and $100 means they won't begrudge you and think you're taking advantage of the friendship, meaning you'll still be friends afterward.)

    That really sucks, though. Really, seriously sucks.

    1. I used my memory card to get my latest copy but I don't update them or save to them as often as I'd like. The memory in my computer was completely wiped so there's no saving that. It really sucks. So I don't know what to do.


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