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Thursday, May 16, 2013

First Date Ideas

I know, I know. I've been asking a lot of all of you lately. I'm wondering what everyone thinks is a great first date. I want it to be epic. Obviously it's the start of what could be an amazing relationship. The guy wants to make a great first impression, the girl wants to be swept off her feet.

What's a perfect first date in your mind?

Here are some ideas that I've come up with...

  • Bowling. This is a classic first date. You can talk, flirt and get to know each other while casually drinking a beer and having pizza. It's low key and casual but fun. Personally I love bowling. Is this enough to make a lasting impression? Would this sweep you off your feet?
  • Hiking and a picnic. This is a really cute one if you're with the right girl. Hiking to the top of a mountain and seeing a beautiful view while eating a packed meal is a really cute date. You can talk and accomplish something together. What do you think? Yay or nay?
  • Amusement Park. Personally I hate roller-coasters BUT I admit that this would be a carefree and fun date. You have to trust your date and be scared together. You can really bond at the amusement park. Also it's a lot of fun and childlike. Is this the best first date? You tell me!
  • Dinner and a movie. Another classic first date. I like this because at dinner, you get intimacy and can talk and get to know each other. During the movie you can get even closer and possibly steal that first kiss. I like this one but it is cliche. Too unoriginal?
Those are my favorite ones that I've read or been on or seen... Here are some others that are cool,
  • Ice skating
  • Museum
  • Concert
  • Aquarium/zoo
  • Sporting event
  • Wine tasting
  • Club

Have any of you had a really good first date? Tell me about it so I can use it, possibly in my new book. I want the date to be perfect, romantic and to set the stage for a passion filled romance. 


  1. I feel like concert or wine tasting is over doing it for a first date. What's the context? Where are they?

    I'm thinking probably your most surefire one that would generally cover most girls (and when I say that I mean that as in most girls I've dated have loved it) is dinner and a movie, but make the guy a little submissive. Let her pick the movie, even if it's some lovey-dovey chick flick.

    1. The two characters have been flirting. She doesn't want a relationship because she's focused on her life getting in order. He immediately was attracted to her and has been pursuing since then. Mostly, a lot of sexual tension. haha

      Dinner and a movie is so cliche. I wanted something more original and unique for them. Maybe I'm just picky!


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