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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Writing Wednesday | How To Get Into the Writing Zone

Lately I've had two completely different things going on with my writing. I've been completely in the zone with my new book and I've had a dry spell with the sequel to, The Curse of Betrayal. It's very bizarre so I've been trying to figure out what gets me in the zone and what makes me have writers block.

Today, I will delve into the zone. Writing zone- that is. 

Know where the story is going! I think this is huge in getting into the zone. COB (curse of betrayal- I'm not writing it out over and over!) I've been having some conflicting ideas of where I want it to go. Originally I planned to have a trilogy but I'm not sure anymore. I think that's why I'm having so much trouble writing. My complete plot is in turmoil and may be headed a new way. In my other book, I know exactly what I want to happen, when it should happen and the outline. This makes me write more because I know the outcome.

Environment! This is huge for me. For example, at home I have trouble writing when the tv is on, my boyfriend is around or if my dog is needy, constantly wanting my attention. I find I get the best writing done around noon when the house is empty and I have peace and quiet. HOWEVER, I am able to get a lot of writing done at work, which is odd.

Clear your mind of anything not related! I find that when I am stressed out I don't write as well or as much. When my mind is busy thinking about all the errands I have to run, the work I need to do or the homework, or when my doctor appointment is, I'm not going to get in the zone. You literally need to block out the world and focus on your work.

Find the right time! Don't rush to get your work done. Don't try to squeeze in a writing session on a tight schedule. You really need to have a full day open or set aside a time to write. I hate writing before work because I end up on a roll and then what do you know- it's time for work and it breaks my thoughts.

Those are the four main things that help me get in the zone and stay in the zone. Does anyone else have ideas to get in the zone? Clearly my zone isn't working out for COB and I need some advice. Help me get back on track here!

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