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Friday, May 24, 2013

More Teasers!!

Hey guys! For those of you who follow my blog, this teaser will look kind of familiar. Yesterday I posted a writing exercise that had to do with character development. I thought that since I'm running out of actual book snippets- without giving the whole story away, I'd do the exercise with my main character! Here we go!!

Ryder Mason
  1. Anxious in social situations
  2. Wants to be accepted by peers
  3. Trust problems rooting from a missing mother
  4. Homebody
  5. Nurturing Qualities
  6. Follows her heart
  7. Logical
  8. Book-smart
  9. Dreams to get away from her small town
  10. Loyal to a fault
  1. Ugly
  2. Weak-minded
  3. Lesbian
  4. Likes therapy
  5. Enjoys partying
  6. Talented
  7. Hates her dad
  8. Hates music
  9. Looking for love
  10. Stupid
Random Facts!
  1. Enjoys extra hot showers
  2. Bookworm
  3. Wishes on stars
  4. Virgin
  5. Blushes at everything
  6. Misses out on high school experiences
  7. Old soul
  8. Wants a dog
  9. Dreams of snuggling with a guy at the movies
  10. Likes routine in her life
  • Female, white, no siblings, dad only- good relationship, smart, affluent town.
  • 17, senior in high school, brown hair, blue/green eyes-always changing, 5'2'', small frame, hates to be singled out, bullied, fear of being alone, trust and loyalty are best traits.
  1. Wants to be accepted yet she doesn't try to fit in.
  2. Isn't talented or have skills but she feels special or different than others.
  3. Doesn't trust people yet follows her heart and wants to be in love someday.
What animal is she and why?
  • Golden retriever- She is loyal, loving, craves attention, aims to please, wants love, playful, homebody, likes to walk/run. 

How can I stop the hurt inside me?
The constant torment,
the verbal lashings.
What have I done to deserve this?
Do I leave?
Do I run?
Do I fight back?
I'm tired of this weighing on me
every second of every day.
I need to be me.
Please, accept me for me.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It definitely helps to make complex characters!


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