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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Writing Exercises | Poem Making

There's been a ton of hype over poems, especially those who read New Adult genre. The novel Slammed follows poets, more or less and they go to slams and write to each other. It's a beautiful thing, honestly. Here's the issue- I suck at writing poems and don't really like it. It's freaking hard! So I found an exercise that kind of helps to make a possible poem.
  • Write a list about one thing.
    • Pick anything. If you want a romantic poem-a kiss. Sweet poem- flowers. Dark- hatred. 
  • Take a couple minutes and list anything about that subject. Don't think about it, just list it. 
  • Read it and you will find that it has a sort of rhythmic tone to it.
  • It ends up sounding like a poem. It's cool.
Don't make fun of mine! Full disclosure here- I'm not a poet at all and I chose a topic that I wanted to see if it would even work. No laughing aloud in these parts!


Sitting at my desk
Typing on the computer
I'm tired
I'm grumpy
I honestly don't want to be here
Is it time to go home?
Work is dreadful
The papers are stacked waiting to be sorted
I can't muster the energy to do anything
It's raining
Nobody here wants to work today
Moral is low
Seconds tick by slower than usual
Time is messing with me
I'm ready to go home.

TADA. Poem written. I know it's boring but still, it worked. I count that as a poem. You guys do it, I'm interested to see what you come up with. Honestly  every subject works. Even writing about work can turn into a sad poem. Really sad. Did I mention I hate work. HAHA.

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