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Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh My God, It's Friday!

Wow has this week gone by extremely fast! I was getting ready to write a post about how I have finally finished editing and saw the date. I owe you guys a teaser today! Ps. Yes you heard me right. I finished all of my editing. Now I need to save it in my computer and it's all set to send off. This part is pretty cool. I chose it because it gives you a sneak peak of the cool paranormal stuff that goes on in the book. Ryder is having a dream and this introduces it. Hope you like it!

I wake up with a start. I literally am sweating so badly. It feels like I’ve bathed in salt water. I know I haven’t because it’s just my back and head that are drenched. It’s a freaking sauna in here. I quickly look around to figure out where I am. 

I instantly think I am in a dream again. I know it when I realize I’m in someone else’s bedroom. It’s a beautiful room, don’t get me wrong but it’s clearly not mine. The room is barren, almost like a jail cell. The walls are stone. There are no pictures or posters on the wall. No tv or desk. It's so simple.

There is a bed, two nightstands, some lamps, and doors. There’s also a window but the bottom of it is blurred. I’m not tall enough to see out the top part. I try to jump to at least figure out where I am but it’s no use. I am just too short. Damn my height.

Wherever I am it must be fairly dark out. If the lights weren’t on I think it would be pitch black. I go to the first door and open it up. It’s a closet. I look around and it’s definitely a girls closet. Actually it’s a little weird. There are only dresses in the closet. There’s no pants or shirts. There’s not even skirts in there. Only some plain old dresses. They look like a milk maids. Floor length and puffy. There is not one thing in there that I would even consider wearing. 

I shut the door and move on to the next door. I open it and reveal a bathroom. There’s nothing really special in there so I shut it and move to the last door. This place is seriously boring. They should put a painting on the wall or something to spruce it up. They need to hire an interior decorator. I open the door and it leads to a hallway. The place is all stone. The hallway is dark. There is only a faint light coming from the fixtures on the wall. It's dark because there are no windows. The lights are dimmed down. It looks really spooky in here. The walls are all lined with doors. I look in both directions and can’t figure out which way to go. I pick the right and start walking. 
It feels like forever until I reach the end. I’m left with three options yet again. Theres two doors on either side of me and a staircase in front of me. I’m not sure if people can see me when I’m dreaming so I don’t want to open a door. I don't want anyone to notice me. I go down the stairs. It seems like the safer bet.

Hope you enjoyed that! I can't wait to finally get this book out there for you all to read!

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