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Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Teaser :)

Hey guys, I haven't done a teaser in a little while. I don't have my book yet from the editor (obviously, she only got it Monday). I've been working on a New Adult book. It's not my forte but I'm really starting to fall in love with the characters and the words are just jumping on the page.

I started this book before my computer crashed and stupidly, I never backed this one up. Therefore I started over BUT it's better than the first copy, I think at least. So today's teaser is going to be from that book.

I believe the title will be, For The Love Of Ash. It's a pretty cool concept and even though I've read a ton of new adult, it's very original. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a typical boy meets girl and one has deep issues. It's relevant, mysterious with some love in there too. I hope you like it.

This is a fun scene between Maggie, the main female character and Luke, her eventual love interest. I haven't even gone through the writing and this is my first draft so ignore any issues. I'm sure it will be fixed up. General thoughts?! Here ya go!

“Okay class, we have about ten minutes left. What do you say we do some ice breakers?” Dr. Atwater says to the class, clapping his hands excitedly. People groan but we form a circle with our desks. 
“The name of the game is sausage. Who wants to volunteer to be first person it?” He asks and nobody responds. Atwater is about to pick someone at random, focusing on the other side of the room so I feel reassured it won’t be me. Before I know it, my hand is shooting up into the air as someone lifts my elbow, holding it into place. I struggle not wanting to be it first but Atwater catches me.
“Perfect. What’s your name miss?” He asks me. 
“Oh um- I.” I start to say but then I give in. I’ll look like an idiot if I don’t just suck it up. “Maggie.” I say finally. 
“Please stand in the middle.” He says so I get off my seat and head towards the center of the group, awkwardly fidgeting with my finger nails. “Okay so Maggie, people are going to ask you questions and you can only respond sausage. Their goal is to get you to laugh. Your goal is to keep a straight face.” He explains to myself and the class. 
“Sausage, really?” I ask wondering if I’m in high school all over again. 
“Who wants to start questioning first?” Atwater asks the class and they go in a clockwise circle.
“What do you brush your teeth with?” A particularly giddy boy asks. 
“Sausage.” I respond keeping my face serious.
“What do you eat?” 
“Sausage.” No smile.
“What do you love?”
“Sausage.” I have to admit, that one was at least decent.
“What do you sleep with?”
“Sausage.” I say, holding back my laughter.
“What do you like in your mouth?” Luke asks, astonishing half the class.
“Sausage.” I say unable to hold is back any longer. I start chuckling and Dr. Atwater tells me to claim Luke’s seat as he gets to be in the middle this time. The next word he can only say, is stapler which is freaking stupid. You can’t make any sexual innuendoes with stapler so I tune most of it out. 
Instead I focus on eyeing Luke without him noticing as much as possible. It sucks that he's so beautiful. It sucks that he knows it too. The way his grey eyes roam over every girl in the room makes me want to barf. At the same time, I'm insanely jealous wanting his eyes to only linger on me. 
By the time class ends, I grab my back and rush out not wanting another encounter with Luke. 

TADA! What do you think? I took this from when I was at freshman orientation in college. We used meatballs but still, I think it's hilarious and a great way to meet someone and pile on the sexual tension. 

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