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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Curse of Betrayal Review by Fran Lewis

Hey everybody! It's Tuesday and I normally don't talk to you all today but I just had to post this remarkable review that Fran Lewis wrote about The Curse of Betrayal. She also wrote one for The THousand Year Curse that was featured. She does AWESOME reviews and she's the nicest woman.

Here's a few parts and if you want to see the full thing, go to her website! Here's the link.

Enjoy a little bit of the review...

Author Taylor Lavati takes readers inside the mind of a young girl whose insecurities get the best of her. Whose loyalties to her friends are undeniable and whose fear that a thousand year curse might cause more people to be injured or die. Why did Hades choose her? Why was she the recipient of this curse? What does it mean to be Eurydice and how will being her affect the lives of others? But, this story is far from over as Ryder finds herself in a dream along with her dream self and her mother. Finding out what she thinks is the truth about why her mother is missing, who she thinks is the reason creates more than just a mental breakdown for Ryder. A retreat that would cost someone their life as the demons come back and try to finish what the know Hermes and Hades started. Just what does Ryder think is the reason she is being sought after by the underworld. When you are curses you need to find out the reason why and then find out what the end result is supposed to be and you must end it! But, when the truth comes out and the final body count is tallied just who stands in her way and who needs to get out of her line of fire? Throughout the novel the author allows readers to understand the tense relationship between Ryder and her father. When he reveals his knowledge and the untold truths are finally out in the open will she be able to bond with the only person she might be able to trust?
A school that has become too dangerous and had to be closed and an ending that you just won’t expect. The clever twist at the end will alert readers that you just might not know who or what really betrayed Ryder. Listen to the voice of someone who claims to care for her and you decide whether it’s a lie. Violence, deaths, pranks, games and only one person who hopes to gain from it all. Will Ryder be able to break the curse? Who is behind this and Why? Listen to the startling message she receives and learn that the story is far from over and we need to wait I might add impatiently until our creative and talented author pens the final chapter in this trilogy. What will the fate of Ari, Ollie and Ryder be? Who is her true soul mate? Who can she trust? Explosive, riveting, fast paced and frightening: The Curse of Betrayal: A great story of friendship, deceit, lies, betrayals, trust, insecurities and hope. Ryder: A teen whose emotions are so bottled up that when she explodes more than just her emotions are involved. A character that is quite realistic as the author allows her to react in a way that most teens would not always as a grown-up, temper tantrums and often not thinking about the outcome. This is one book for all YA’s to read to learn the true meaning of what it is to be a friend and what is the definition of trust.

The more blood of a god you have in your body or system, the more effective the curse will be. Think about that. Hades did the curse for a reason. What will Ryder have to do to stop the curse and get her life and mother back? Lisa, Megan, Mikey, Kara, Junior, Ollie, Ari and Cristos: Who will be left to cast the next spell and break the curse? Who pays for what someone else wants do dearly? . Find out in Volume three the reason why and the outcome that Hades wants to happen that he has written down when the author pens the next chapter in the life of Ryder and the rest of the Demi Gods.

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