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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Missing Teaser From Yesterday

Hey guys! I'm sorry that I missed giving you a teaser yesterday. I was stuck in a waiting room while my fiancĂ© had knee surgery. Luckily, everything went smoothly and he's now recovering at home, safe and sound. But I've been quite busy to say the least. 

Here he is getting ready to go under and in the prep room. I've never really had surgery and neither has he, so it was quite nerve-wracking. I have to say, sitting in the waiting room while he was in surgery was scary! I kept waiting for my name to be called to check on him. It was a long day and tough--both mentally and physically. 

And then this morning was busy for me. I brought my cousin, Grace who is going to be my flower girl to try on dresses. She had a blast at David's Bridal. Here we are getting measured and prepped.

BUT... I didn't forget you all, I promise. I have a quick, short and sweet teaser from A Reliant Love for you all to enjoy. I didn't really have much time to put it together so it's not much. But it's a teaser none the less. So, here it is!

It's from Sam's point of view. This is one of his and Nathalie's first meetings. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE them??

“Catch you later, Nat.” I pull out a cigarette from my pack in my pocket. She smiles and then turns away from me to walk towards her class. But seeing her walk away kills me. “Hey!” I call back to her, hoping to stop her from leaving me. I already feel myself dull, her light leaving me. “I’m having a party tomorrow. Do you want to come?” I ask her. This is such a shitty idea, but I can’t help myself.
“Sure.” She smiles, but I can tell she’s trying to contain it. Her dimples appear and I want to dip my tongue in them and see how sweet she really is. 

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