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Friday, March 29, 2013

Teaser Time

Hello everyone! I just wanted to send a special thanks to everyone who reads my blog. This week has been a great week and I've had a ton of people commenting and following and plus-ing (is that even a real thing?) my posts. I love all the great support and feedback from you guys! I really appreciate everyone who has read.

#1 FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK! I created a page and blog posts go there and it's super cool and I have some possible covers over there so be sure to check it out.


#3 READ THIS TEASER AND THEN COMMENT! I love every single ounce of feedback from you guys so I love to hear what you have to say.

Without further adieu, here is your Friday teaser! Right now this is from chapter 11. Who knows where it will actually end up but it's a fun part of the book. You get to see a little of Ari and Ryder's fun relationship.

        “Are you coming or what?” I ask as I get up from the table. I look back to him once I start walking and he has a sly grin across his face. Something’s up his sleeve. 
“Oh, I’m coming.” He proclaims, his voice all raspy and seductive. When I send him a dirty look he returns it. We both laugh for a second and it is surprisingly comfortable. It’s like we are building some weird twisted friendship. We butt heads that’s for damn sure. Maybe we are just too alike. It is nice not to have everyone agree with me. He challenges me and I think I like it. I shoot down my brain before I start to think too much. In another five minutes he is probably going to be a jerk again. 
“You know I could just tell you what I know about Apollo.” He suggests as we peruse the aisles. He hasn’t picked out a single book or even looked at one. Some help he is. 
“I don’t think you count as a reputable source.” I respond and elbow him a little in the rib. He flies back a couple of feet. Oh shit. Not this again! He stumbles but recovers rather gracefully. He gives me this crazy look probably wondering how the hell I just pushed him down. I’d be confused too if I just flew across the room thanks to some scrawny girl. He’s double my size, anyone could see how impossible this is. 

Well, there is this weeks teaser for The Thousand Year Curse! I hope you enjoyed it immensely. I won't be posting over the weekend. Google+ is dead anyway but still, it's a long weekend. Happy Easter everyone! See you Monday- maybe. 


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