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Monday, March 18, 2013

Starting to Promote...

So as I am nearing my release date and launch of my book, I'm thinking of ways to promote my name. Obviously, I want to get the book's name and my own out there so people are familiar with it. If they see my name somewhere they will relate it to the book and are more likely to buy it!

Where do I even start promoting? 

Well, obviously I've started this blog. I have read a lot about blogging and I actually enjoy it. I like writing about my process and telling everyone about my book. I feel like if I help one person with their process, I've done a good job. But does this blog actually do anything? I think the answer is yes, although I have yet to publish my book so we'll see as I start selling.

Through this blog two people have added my book to their "to read" list on good reads. I think that's huge. I only have a synopsis up and of course my name. There's no cover since it's not done yet. Both of the people who added it, I have talked to on google+ and seen my blog. One being +A.M. Day who has been extremely helpful and fun to talk to!

Recently I've made my facebook fan page. I made this so I can get my real friends involved and to have another place to put my name. I just made it last week, so I'm not sure how well it is actually working but I will keep you posted. I think facebook is becoming a little dated. I find the people on google+ to be more interactive and actually interested. Likes on facebook, versus discussions and feedback on here.

Twitter. Now I don't think twitter is the best place to start. However, it is a nice way to post blog entries and spam people. If I kept posting the same thing over and over on facebook, people are going to find that annoying. However, on twitter people do it all the time. You don't really have to look if you don't want.

I find that I miss things people say because I follow so many people. I'll find something interesting randomly. The more times you post, the more chances someone might see it. I know it's bad to spam but twitter doesn't really count. I don't think reading about someone eating cereal is interesting yet I see it on my feed. There's more freedom on twitter.

Lastly, I have my GoodReads Page. I've actually become addicted to goodreads. I keep posting in their forums and promoting my blog. On friday I posted the teaser and I put it out there, all over the place. That day, I got over 100 views in a  couple hours just on that one post. I have more friends and followers on goodreads who are actually interested in my book.

I think goodreads is great because you are marketing straight to people who actually care. On facebook, you're getting everyone. Guys, girls, family, random people you knew in high school. Who knows if any of them actually read. On this site, you are just getting other authors and readers. It's great.

What works the best to promoting is being active! Even if I had a great blog, amazing facebook page, and all that other stuff, if I'm not on it, it doesn't matter. You have to work to get people. You can't make these things and never check. Being on top of the posts, responding (not just thanks but really responding) to people and talking, adds to yourself. People know you're there to listen and talk. This is the biggest thing I can urge. BE ACTIVE ON YOUR PAGES! 

I'll post again as I learn more.


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