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Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Friday!

Hey all! It has been quite the busy week. I've been so busy and crazy at work I've hardly had time to read or edit. Last night I finally went through some comments from my beta readings and am so happy with the responses. It definitely builds my confidence.

I'm pretty sure I have a cover!! That's super exciting news. I bought a couple of pictures online and am going to use them for my cover. Avery Hutchings, my cover designer has them and is going work her magic. They're so beautiful and perfect. I'm already in love! I'm hoping next week or the week after I will have a cover reveal. I'll keep you all posted.

Here's your weekly teaser. Oh, I have some great news. The teasers that I post on Friday's are the most viewed posts I have. I love it! I hope this one doesn't disappoint. Let me know our thoughts!

Junior comes back with two guys I’ve never seen before. One introduces himself as Dimitri and the other is Cristos. Dimitri is hot, hot, hot- in a foreign way. He has long dark hair that is pulled back in a low pony tail. He has chocolate brown skin and the complexion of a god. Literally flawless. 

Cristos is more rugged. He has a hairy face- a nice trimmed beard. He has an athletic build but it’s hidden behind his baggy clothes. He seems shy. Even as I inspect him his eyes never meet mine.

“Who’s this hot thing?” Dimitri blurts out. Cristos hits his shoulder scolding him. Junior laughs a little then goes downstairs. Instead of responding I follow in Junior’s footsteps.

“So-rry.” I hear Dimitri say from the stairs.

“Don’t fucking talk to her like that!” Ollie yells.

“Dude, sorry.” Dimirti says back. I stop walking and eavesdrop on their conversation. I think they know I’m listening because they hush their voices so I can’t hear a thing. 

“What was that about?” I ask Junior when I get to his side.

“Who knows.” Junior says and starts pounding on the drums. 

I thought this would be a good teaser. It introduces you guys to two new characters. They're not super important but they're fun! Ignore the grammar issues, this part hasn't been edited. Until next week... 


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