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Friday, March 22, 2013

Teaser Time Guys!

Hey guys! Wow it has been a great week for me. I've gotten so much great feedback and so much done. Chapters 1-10 are completely edited and ready to go. I'm reading what my beta readers have said while editing so I can fix it all up at once.

I've gotten a bunch of new followers and fans on twitter, the blog, Facebook and other sites like good reads. It's so exciting to have other people start getting pumped up for the book! I've loved it but now other people can too!

I'm sad to say I don't have a cover yet. My artist is still working on it for me and I want it to be perfect so I'm not rushing her! I'll have you guys vote for your favorite in another entry early next week.

So.... what you're all waiting for. Here is your weekly teaser. This is a journal entry in the beginning of the book, written by Ryder as she tries to figure out what the hell is going on. Enjoy!

Sept 6
I am being dragged to Ollie’s party tonight. The party is supposed to be a super big deal or something. I’m not into parties so I wasn’t planning on going but Junior is forcing me to. I’m dreading seeing Becca there, luckily I have my body guards.
The weather around here is really starting to freak me out. Every day starts out perfectly fine but randomly it will rain or thunder storm. It’s creepy. It’s like the world is ending or something. That’s what it feels like.
My weird episodes have died down. I haven’t broken much since Tuesday- just ripped a shirt and cracked my bathroom door. I think it’s gone away. Thank god. I keep feeling dizzy and like I might faint. I need to start eating better. Bacon, egg and cheeses aren’t really high on the food pyramid. 

I hope it was worth the wait! I love doing these little journal entries every once and a while in the book. It shows the changes going on around Ryder and some of her feelings. Sets the scene nicely. I hope you like it. Please leave a comment! I really want to know what you guys think.

Yes or No to journal entries. Do you find them annoying or like them?

Thanks guys! TL

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