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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mythology Resources

Greek Mythology is a topic that interests me deeply. I love the stories and the characters that are portrayed through it. I think if you love fantasy novels or history, these books might interest you as well. The Curse Books are loosely based off stories from Greek Mythology. I have changed them a little to make them more modern and fit my personal style. These are some great resources that I used for research and to read.

Mythology by Edith Hamilton is a classic book on Greek Mythology. It goes over most stories and explains them in depth. Hamilton has a voice that is easily understood and relate-able. She brings you into the book. This is a great starting point for researching or learning about Greek Mythology.

For almost a century and a half, Bulfinch's Mythology has been the text by which the great tales of the gods and goddesses, Greek and Roman antiquity; Scandinavian, Celtic, and Oriental fables and myths; and the age of chivalry have been known. 

The stories are divided into three sections: The Age of Fable or Stories of Gods and Heroes; The Age of Chivalry ; and Legends of Charlemagne or Romance of the Middle Ages

For the Greek myths, Bulfinch drew on Ovid and Virgil, and for the sagas of the north, from Mallet's Northern Antiquities. He provides lively versions of the myths of Zeus and Hera, Venus and Adonis, Daphne and Apollo, and their cohorts on Mount Olympus; the love story of Pygmalion and Galatea; the legends of the Trojan War and the epic wanderings of Ulysses and Aeneas; the joys of Valhalla and the furies of Thor; and the tales of Beowulf and Robin Hood. 
The tales are eminently readable. (Amazon)

This one is very cool. This "book" actually folds out into a complete tree of Greek Mythology. Accompanied by more than 125 captivating full-color photographs of art and artifacts, the narratives and bloodlines mapped out in The Genealogy of Greek Mythology are wonderfully user friendly. 

Beginning with Chaos-the period before the Earth was born-Vanessa James traces the succession of gods and titans through to the first generations of historically verifiable people of the ancient Aegean. Packed with over 3,000 entries, this incredibly detailed resource also features a star chart, regional map, and who's who guide to the Olympian gods. Each side of the book's unique accordion-paged design can be perused section-by-section or fanned out to reveal the entire genealogy in more than seventeen elegant feet.

As Bulfinch wrote, "Without a knowledge of mythology much of the elegant literature of our own language cannot be understood and appreciated. . . . Our book is an attempt to solve this problem, by telling the stories of mythology in such a manner as to make them a source of amusement."

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