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Friday, September 5, 2014

Wingless | Teaser Three

This blog has surpassed 100,000 views! Thank you so much guys for helping me get to far. And thank you to everyone who has shared, liked, or just read my posts. It really means so much and I appreciate it. I can't wait to keep writing and blogging with you all by my side.

Now let's get to the teaser.

This is from my novel, Wingless, which will be released *hopefully* at the end of the month. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I can get it done. School is going to be my biggest obstacle, but we'll push through together.

This is from Anni's POV.

I enter through the door and immediately, two guys jump out from the shadows and grab me. They pull me in different directions and the room is so dark that I can barely see them. It takes a few moment for my eyes to adjust.
Just as I can see the two Angels that have attacked me, I get hit square in the eye with a swift punch. The shooting pain fuels me and kicks me into high gear. I bend forward and roll to the side to put distance between my two attackers and me.
They’re smart attackers. They look at each other and then rush me at the same time. Only this time, I’m ready for them. I dodge the first guy and stiff arm the second, my arm hitting him right in the throat.
He falls backwards, clutching his neck as the second guy lunges towards me from behind. I duck under his swinging arm and swipe out my leg to trip him. He falls backward and his head hits the white ground hard. I jump on top of him, straddling his body and place my hands on his neck, showing that he’s in the kill position.
A whistle is blown and I know that I have won that fight. 

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