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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wingless | Character Tease

*Headstrong *Goal-Oriented *Strong- both personality wise and physically *A Go-Getter 
*She's searching for a place to fit-in in The Veil
*Prefers pants to a dress or skirt 
*Prefers boys that are friends to girlfriends (although she loves her best friend Perry)
*Girly tendencies but she'd never admit it
*A risk taker *Adrenaline junkie
*A bit naive *Ability to make poor choices with emotions

*Loyal *Bound to his duties *Emotionless *Archers above all else
*Vulnerable *Closed-off *Knows his place in the world
*Doesn't like change *Questions everything 
*When he wants something, he does anything to get it
*Perseverance *Lets emotions control him *Underlying sarcastic wit

*Lucky *Miracle Maker *Dreamer *Party-animal
*Makes decisions on the spot *Sporadic
*Is down for anything *Doesn't like to be tied down *Excels in tough situations
*Likes change *Craves Variety *Lover, not a fighter

*Daring *Loving *Family oriented *Hilarious *Physically strong
*Emotional *Childlike *Lover yet also Fighter 
*Loyal *Persuasive *Willing to put himself on the line for those he loves
*Doesn't hold grudges *Looks for best in people

*Sarcastic *Welcoming *Wants the greater good *Hardworking
*Goal Oriented *One track mind *Loves to be in a position of power
*Fickle *Loves women *Wealthy *Creative
*A tad OCD *Likes things only his way *Tunnel Vision
*Loving *Doesn't let emotion cloud judgement

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